The Ultimate DIY Bundle

I’m really excited to be sharing something very special with you today. I don’t often recommend products, or give you a hard sell… that’s just not my style. But sometimes a product comes along that I really believe in and use myself, so I want to share it with my crafty friends.   … [Read more...]

Goodbye March… you were very shabbilicious!

Shabby Art Boutique - March 2015 week 1

Do you ever have those months were you no sooner turn the calendar page for a new month… And suddenly, it’s the end of the month in the blink of an eye? That was certainly March for me!!   Today I’m taking a look back over the month of March… It was pretty and shabby… filled with … [Read more...]

Shabbilicious Friday

Shabbilicious Friday - logo 300

Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday This is the place we come to each week to share all that is ‘Shabbilicious’ and where we ‘embrace imperfections’.   Your hosts of Shabbilicious Friday are:   Robin - All Things Heart & Home - Facebook - Pinterest - Instagram – Twitter … [Read more...]

DIY ~ chicken wire cloche

A few years back when I was selling shabby wares at a local market, I made quite a few chicken wire cloches. They were hugely popular and I even kept a couple of my favourites for myself. I’m sure you’ve seen them pop up here on my blog a few times.     This week when I was … [Read more...]

Shabbilicious Butterflies

Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are… But everyone else can!     I know a lot of my northern hemisphere friends are applauding the first signs of Spring, so I’ve been thinking about what I love about Spring too. I don’t experience … [Read more...]

#Best of DIY….. ‘shabbilicious’ French Bunnies


I’m so excited to be joining with these fabulous DIY bloggers once again to present you with the #Best of DIY.       I decided for my DIY project this time round to share something for the season and with Easter almost upon us, what could be nicer than a pair of … [Read more...]

Shabbilicious Friday Link Party

Shabbilicious Friday - logo 400

Welcome to our weekly Shabbilicious Friday Link Party! Thank you to all of you who stop by and share your projects with us every week, I am truly inspired each time I visit your blogs. It's so exciting to see this little group of ours grow, and I often struggle to choose only a few features with … [Read more...]

DIY Cottage Style Easter Eggs

As much as I love Easter decorating… [And who wouldn’t with the promise of chocolate and lashings of cutie-pie bunnies and sweet baby chicks] I’ve never been one to go overboard with decorating for this season. I keep it simple and restrained, with just a few touches here and there around … [Read more...]

Adding soft pastels for a cottage Easter

Last week I added a hint of soft pastel colour to my kitchen dresser… And a few small Easter touches that enhance my décor… Rather than screaming ‘seasonal’ change.     There’s been a pair of thrifted baby boots floating around in my treasure box for awhile. I saw them … [Read more...]

A Shabby Cottage Easter

You know as a kid how there are some words that you find intriguing and they kind of stick with you as you grow up. ‘Titavating’ is that word for me. It’s something my mum used to say when she was making a few changes to her décor…. like “I’ve titivated the dining room” or “the … [Read more...]