The year that was… 2013

I think the end of the year is a time for reflection for many people…

As one year ends… and a new one begins.


A lot of different things happened at Shabby Art Boutique this past year.

Probably the biggest challenge and the most rewarding was the magazine

….Simply Shabbilicious

Simply Shabbilicious magazine

Producing it has fulfilled one of my long held dreams and it has been a wonderful adventure that will continue on into 2014.

You can read past issues and find out how to download and purchase printed copies of Simply Shabbilicious magazine on my Magazine page.


On the creative front…. there were new pattern designs released in my Boutique


Shabby Art Boutique Pin Cushion Angel 1

Pincushion Angel


Early in the year there was lots of thrifting and transformations…

And pretty things to sell.


Shabby Art Boutique market stock


Here on the blog we had lots of fun tutorials to help you put the homemade and home baked back into everyday living.


Shabby Art Boutique - Stick wreath 1

DIY twig wreath

Check out some of the recipes, homemade beauty and cleaning products and crafting projects on my Tutorials page.


Each week we came together to celebrate all that is ‘shabbiliciously gorgeous’ with the boutique style ‘Shabbilicious Friday’ link party.


2013 Shab Friday logo

There were amazing people to meet, gorgeous homes to explore, a plethora or room make-overs and furniture transformations. Throw in yummy recipes, beautiful vintage finds and amazing crafting projects and we ended up with a delightful community of ‘Shabbilicious’ friends.

I’m grateful for everyone of you.


I treat life as an adventure and believe that everything that happens is for a reason… it’s our journey…. And what a wonderful journey it is!

Sometimes you just have to follow your dreams wherever they take you…. even if it is a bit scary.

While I don’t recommend anyone sell a home, pack and move in a 3 week period…. we did in July and we survived, (although quite sleep deprived).

Our 2013 adventures included the purchase of a new business ~ Shelly Beach Resort, where we now live and work.

Shelly Beach Resort - pool


It’s a completely new and challenging way of life and still blows our minds everyday. There’s never a dull moment and I’m sure there’s a book waiting to be written about the many characters that come through our doors. I think that novel would have all the prerequisites of a best seller…. romance, family drama, scandal and intrigue.

Perhaps that’s a project for another time!


Meanwhile, I have lots of new and exciting Shabby Art Boutique projects already lined up for 2014… new designs, finished items for sale, new issues of the magazine, new Tilda stock….. I can’t wait for your to see all the pretty new things… and all our regular favourites too.

Happy New Year my friends,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


  1. You’ve accomplished a lot in one year, Kerryanne! Your resort is beautiful. Looking forward to more shabbiliciousness from you in 2014!! :)

    • It sure was a big year Jennifer and I’m looking forward to a rest when the holiday season slows down. I already have lots of new projects planned for 2014, so I better recharge the batteries before I take flight again – lol.
      Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the magazine this year.
      Hugs ~ Kerry xx

  2. Wishing you and your family all the very Best that 2014 has to offer.
    Love all your articles…the magazine and all your guests and the wonderful designs offered .
    God Bless…:)

  3. Happy new year Kerryanne! May all your wishes for 2014 come true!


    • Thank you Anne and same to you! I look forward to stopping by Design Dreams often in 2014 to keep an eye on your house renovations.
      Happy New Year ~ K xx

  4. Hello sweetheart! What an amazing year honey… Wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful, prosperous, happy and creative new year! Love always! Vik xxx

    • Straight back at you my gorgeous friend. Definitely catching up soon, as I’ll be heading down to Melbourne early in the year.
      Love and hugs ~ K xx

  5. What a year…you and the family have achieved so much.
    Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration that I find on here Kerryanne, I could hide away on your blog for hours just browsing and soaking up the shabbiliciousness of it all.
    Here’s wishing you have a wonderful 2014
    Toni xx

    • Thank you for your constant and unwavering support and encouragement Toni. I do really appreciate it and I’ll be keeping an eye out for you just in case you’re hiding in amongst my shabby projects – lol.
      Happy New Year… may it be a great one!
      Hugs ~ Kerry xx

  6. you’ve had a fabulous year–here’s to another one in 2014!

  7. Oh Kerryanne,
    It has been such a pleasure getting to know you better this year. I have loved every post and all the inspiration and creativity that flows from you. You are the sweetest and your story of moving and buying a dream resort is amazing just in itself. I wish you the best in 2014 and I thank you for sharing your personal side with us in Spotlight so we could all get to know you better this past year. You are fun, witty and so creative and talented. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your beautiful magazines and thank you for including me in a couple of issues. It was truly an honor to have you feature me. I cannot wait to see what you bring to your blog in 2014. Happy New Year my friend.

    • Awww… thanks Kris. How sweet of you. I enjoyed working with you too and feel blessed to be asked to write about my ‘real’ life in Spotlight.
      Look forward to working with you again in 2014. All the best for a fabulous year.
      Hugs ~ Kerry xx

  8. Hey Kerryanne! Looking at your review of your year, I can only say one thing … what a slacker you are! NOT!! Tee! Hee! Hee! You sure have managed to keep yourself busy and creative this year. Looking forward to chatting and sharing your adventures in 2014 … maybe we’ll even get to catch up for a ‘real life’ play date again … fingers crossed! :0) May the New Year bring many wonderful blessings and adventures your way – Bear Hugs! KRIS

    • Yes Kris, 2013 was quite a year… hoping for a little less stress in 2014 – lol. Seriously hate moving house!!
      Looking forward to a play date with you and Linda in 2014.
      Hugs ~ Kerry xx

  9. What a busy year !!!
    `*.¸.*✻✿✿✿*`*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014* *✻✿✿✿*`*.¸

    *.˛.°★。˛ °.★** **★* *˛.

    xoxo from PARIS


  10. So GLAD I fould your blog!!! I’m looking forward to visiting often in 2014!
    Happy New Year,

  11. Happy New Year, Kerryanne! Wish you the best and your family too. Hugs, Cristina

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