Barn Owl Pattern

For several months now, I’ve been sharing with you my addiction love of owls. I’ve made all kinds of owls before now, but never Barn Owls. I truly do love these snowy faced little sweeties… each one has its own character and no two are the same.     Last year I had a whole tree of … [Read more...]

A Handmade Shabby Pastel Christmas

It’s that time of year again when crafters start planning and preparing for the Christmas season. The weeks are counting down now and I know personally, there are more handmade projects on my To-Do list than are even possible, but I’ll endeavour to make as many as I can. I’ve already started work … [Read more...]

Simply Christmas & Shabbilicious Friday

Hello shabbilicious friends, If you’ve come by for ‘Shabbilicious Friday’, the party is a bit different this week. As I’m currently away on a short break with my girls, I’m running the Shabbilicious Friday link party over two weeks from Friday 13th – Wednesday 25th November. You can still … [Read more...]

Just 3 months until Christmas!!!

I know most people are still thinking about spring or fall, then maybe Halloween… But some of us crafty types are already planning and gathering for Christmas. It takes time to make creative projects, so it is never too early to be getting your Christmas groove on!     To help you … [Read more...]

#Best of DIY….. ‘shabbilicious’ French Bunnies

I’m so excited to be joining with these fabulous DIY bloggers once again to present you with the #Best of DIY.       I decided for my DIY project this time round to share something for the season and with Easter almost upon us, what could be nicer than a pair of … [Read more...]

Simply Christmas Goes Sweetly Shabby!

G’day to everyone from the Meares’ Madhouse in QLD, Australia, home of “Tag Along Teddies” patterns – where the bears just want to ‘tag-along’ home with you!     Having been a guest for Kerryanne’s “Simply Christmas” event a few years ago, I’m ‘beary’ excited to have been invited to … [Read more...]

New shabby vintage Christmas designs

Amidst the dulcet tones of Michael Bublé and a liberal sprinkling of German Glass Glitter… There has been a general feeling of merriness in the Shabby Art Boutique craft room of late.     Three of the six new Christmas designs are now available in the Christmas Pattern Boutique. … [Read more...]

What’s new for Christmas 2014

How’s your Christmas spirit? Are you even giving the season any thought yet?   Okay… so with 91 days to go, it’s not even on some peoples radar, But if you are a crafty person, you’ll already be tossing around ideas, themes and colour palettes by now.     I’ve been working on … [Read more...]

My shabby craft room ‘must haves’

I know that many of you are crafters, sewers or DIY’ers… So I have a question for you. What crafting tools can you not live without?     We all have our favourites… My two things are actually items I made a few years ago and are practical as well as pretty.   My first is my … [Read more...]

A ‘shabbilicious’ Easter

Hippity… hoppity…Easter is on the way. Do you decorate your home for the season? Here at Shabby Art Boutique, I introduce a few decorative touches to my usual décor to herald the season.     The bunnies are one of my original designs and are cut from wood using a scroll saw and … [Read more...]