Faux Patchwork Christmas Coasters

Hello friends, Today’s project is another in my collection of faux patchwork pieces. These projects have proven really popular and I get why… they are super easy, use basic sewing skills and are a fabulous way to use up fabric scraps.     You told me you loved my pumpkin coasters … [Read more...]

Care Packages

You know you are going to love a book when a friend recommends it with this… “OMG… this book made me think of you. You absolutely have to get it!!” So of course I did… and yes, I absolutely do love it. The book is the recently released Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh.   Michelle … [Read more...]

DIY: Scented Shower Steamers

You know that I love making a handmade home. Not only is it fun to make your own products, but it is also reassuring these days to know exactly what ingredients have been used. Sooo…. following on from my tips for ‘self care’ that I shared last week, I thought today I’d share a recipe for the … [Read more...]

Free Printable Menu Planner

I first started using a menu planner when I became a stay at home mum 22 years ago. As a new mum, I needed less supermarket visits and more control over our weekly food budget, so at that time the weekly menu planner became essential. And let’s be honest, it also appealed to my list making … [Read more...]

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

When my girls and I went to Hawaii last year, we got to try our first Cinnabon Rolls… For my Aussie friends, these are a yummy warm cinnamon bun topped with the yummiest cream cheese frosting. We were addicted from the first bite!!     When we arrived home, Aimee and I started our … [Read more...]

Easter Chocolate Bark

With just a week until my family arrives for the Easter break, I’ve started preparing a few eats for the festivities. Whenever our family get together food becomes a focal point. We love cooking and inevitably end up hanging out in the kitchen… which is a tad cozy in our current small kitchen… … [Read more...]

Reflecting on 2015…

I don’t know about you, but I become very reflective as the year draws to a close. Usually it is a mixture between “wow, where did the year go” and “I’m so ready for a new year and a fresh start”. Looking back over 2015, I’m actually quite pleased with my level of creativeness… That’s a good … [Read more...]

Sweet Christmas offerings…

Christmas is a season full of wonder and magic… And well known for excesses of culinary delights.     The week before Christmas is traditionally baking week in our family. Shortbreads, cookies, White Christmas, Cherry Brandy balls and so on… it’s been a busy day of baking. Another … [Read more...]

Baked with Love…

It’s that time of year when my thoughts turn to baking. Do you have special things that you only make at Christmas? We do… and I love that at Christmas we are a family that bakes together. Having everyone in the kitchen laughing and taste testing signifies that Christmas day is not far away… and … [Read more...]

Coming soon… Simply Christmas 2015

It’s that time of the year again… Can you believe this is the 6th year of Simply Christmas? [Please PIN and help spread the word]   If like me, you dream of an old fashioned Christmas, simply filled with homemade and home-baked, then you’ll love the line up I’ve got planned for November … [Read more...]