Joyeux Noel printable Christmas paper

We are at the busy end of the Christmas season now when the shopping queues are long, the wallet is verging on empty and for many of us, there are numerous Christmas gifts to be wrapped.     A few years ago I designed some printable Christmas gift wrap that was very popular, so this … [Read more...]

How to make Vintage Christmas Blocks

I’ve always liked blocks… And I especially love Christmas blocks.     I think this block appreciation started when I was a small child. I had a set of 16 blocks that had a different picture on every face of the block… when turned over they could create 6 different fairy tale … [Read more...]

All the ‘shabby’ days of my life

With the general busyness around here, I have been honing my juggling and tightrope walking skills. I recon I could probably try out for the travelling circus… Although… The visual of a woman of my age wearing fishnet tights and a leotard while swinging above your head may be too disturbing for … [Read more...]